Portfolio Performance

I have two goals in my investing:
  • Make a 12% annual return
  • Beat the market.  I measure "the market" by the S&P 500 ETF SPY. 
My fiscal year begins on Apr 18 as that's the day I bought my first stock.

The performance I quote here is my real portfolio performance and this is my entire investable portfolio.  I manage the retirement funds for myself and my wife which we have spread over a few IRAs and a 401k.  I also manage some after tax money we used to have sitting in a bank.  Luckily I am allowed to buy individual stocks with most of my 401k.  So when I talk about "my portfolio" I am talking about the 98% of my retirement funds which I'm allowed to buy stocks with plus the 90% of my savings I don't have sitting in a bank.  I don't buy any bonds, mutual funds, or ETFs, just the cheap tiny companies I blog about. 

I started investing by managing only about $5k of my retirement funds.  As I gained confidence I took over more and more of the retirement funds and eventually started investing some of the money we had sitting in a bank savings account.  With the after tax bank money I did small odd-lot arbs for a year or two then changed to just buying the same cheap stocks I buy in my retirement accounts.  

My personal portfolio performance since buying my first stock in Apr 2013:

My annual performance posts:


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