About Me

I am a value investor focused mainly on microcap and nanocap companies.  I tend to hold about 20-30 stocks but there is no rule binding that.  I feel my edge is my attention to detail, patience, and willingness to move away from the pack.  I struggle to see how I can generate alpha with large cap companies so I usually stay away.

I got into the financial space starting with a lot of reading in January 2013.  Since then I have read many books and will continue on.  Oldschoolvalue.com and F Wall Street got me started into value investing and I have never looked back.  I've read the classics (Graham, Buffett, Fisher, Greenblatt, Klarman) the non-classics (Kiyosaki, Cramer) and many in between.  Lately I've been reading some charting books with my favorite being Ted Warren.

I manage the retirement funds for myself and my wife plus some after tax savings in a brokerage account.  My goal is to make 12% annually in our retirement funds.

I am a full-time engineer living in the San Diego area with a wife, kids, dog, and house.  My "one year" restoration of a 1967 Pontiac Firebird is now in its tenth year...  Investing is my passion and I wish I had more time for it but what can you do.  I read company filings, press releases, investment blogs, or investing related books every day while riding on the train and whenever else I can fit it in.  I blog in my spare time.

I have created this blog to improve my investing process and skill.  Hopefully it will help someone else out there as all the value investing blogs have helped me.

If you'd like to read more about me, you might check out Jan Svenda's interview here.

I have thick skin.  Let me know what you think

-- Dan Schum

Email: nonamestocksdan@gmail.com


  1. What is your relationship to Tel-Instrument? To Jeff O'hara? Have you ever worked there? How did you get an interview with Jeff? Was it in person or over the phone? What kind of an engineer are you? Do you currently reside in NJ or the tri-state area?

  2. I have no relationship with TIK, their employees, or any other company I write about. I'm just an individual investor researching companies. I just emailed some questions to IR and they set up a phone call with Jeff O'hara to answer them.

    Why all the questions about me?

  3. Just doing my DD on the article writer. Are you an electronics engineer?

  4. I don't see what my location or job title has to do with TIK or my article. I am just a person who read a bunch of SEC filings and court documents. I am not evaluating the technical capabilities of the company or their products. All I have done is restate things I've read.

  5. Do you invest in small stocks even if they are not dark?

    1. Yes. If you read my posts you'll find them. Right now I think 6 of my 23 stocks would be considered dark

  6. Curious, but do you look at any banks in the OTC market area? As I was turned onto the idea by Oddball Stocks, and have dug a bit deeper to find companies that aren't publicly traded as well, though they are still required to file call and fr y-6 reports and a number of them have financial information on their websites.

    1. I don't own any banks. I know oddball is into that side of things. It's just not a place I've gone. Maybe someday

  7. You sound like a typical wall street 'amateur'. Hear is the reality. Wall street is scam to embezzle money from the public and a investment 'instrument' to launder money.
    These companies they want to go bankrupt AFTER selling you shares and pumping you hope and 'value'

    This company PRVT hasn't filed a SEC report since 2013 and SEC only delisted in 2015. These companies in the OTC or pinksheets 99% of them are frauds and investment vehicle to launder money for investment funds, who get their money from other funds, they don't need retail investors. public listing is just for tax purposes.



    I called the CEO Charles Prast and he just ignores any question and hangs up
    NO news since 2015 and no SEC filing since 2013 and SEC does nothing. SEC, finra and judges HELPS these fraudster to steal money from the public.

    justice delayed is justice denied. these companies want you to sell and close your positions sot they make money from selling your worthless shares they want to go bankrupt and lose money.