Tuesday, September 27, 2016

SIMA is the cheapest stock I know

I love 10 minute stock decisions.  Today's question is are you into incredibly cheap, dark stocks or are you not.  Let's start with a game of price that stock.  You tell me what it's worth:
  • revenue: $20M in 2015 vs $20.4M in 2014 vs $20.4M in 2013
  • cash: $12.5M vs 10.6 vs 8.8
  • securities: $1M vs 0.7 vs 0.3
  • net income: $2.1M vs 2 vs 2.9
  • BV: $21.9M vs 19.8 vs 17.8
  • EPS: $0.62 vs 0.59 vs 0.85
  • no debt
  • 3.4M shares common
  • no preferred or warrants

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

OptionsHouse kicked me out

A few days ago OptionsHouse sent me the following in an email:
After a review of your account, OptionsHouse has determined we will be unable to service your account ending *** going forward.  Your account has been placed in liquidation only trading status, meaning existing positions can be closed out but no new positions can be established. Please make arrangements to transfer your account out of OptionsHouse within thirty (30) calendar days.
They went on to explain the ways I could withdraw cash or transfer my account.  My wife has an account and got the same email.  They give no explanation.  I have been a customer for years.  I am active.  Now I'm given 30 days, don't let the door hit you on the way out.  Why must I leave...we won't tell you.