Thursday, April 30, 2015

NoName Annual Performance 2014-2015

I bought my first stock on Apr 18, 2013 so my fiscal year begins with that date.  I manage the retirement funds for myself and my wife which are being contributed to every month.  My benchmark is the S&P500 ETF SPY.

I have two goals:
  1. Achieve an average annual return of 12% from now until retirement around 2037.  Annual return is defined by the geometric mean.
  2. Beat the benchmark.

The first year I made very few mistakes and enjoyed a nice return.  This past year has been defined by mistakes and patience testing.  I made a positive return but much smaller than it should have been.  So I learn and move forward.  I got a big infusion of money under my control in around Sept 2014, when my 401k started allowing me to buy and sell individual stocks, which you'll see reflected in the graphs below.  Some of that infusion came back out in Feb 2015.

Note the gains below are taken as a percentage of funds contributed over the whole year.  Contributions are made with every pay check.  For the benchmark it is assumed all funds are blindly put into the fund on pay day.  The NoName portfolio is my real portfolio performance.

Performance Graph for the Past Year
Blue = NoName Stocks
Red = benchmark

Performance Graph for the Life of the Fund
Blue = NoName Stocks
Red = benchmark

Performance Table for the Life of the Fund

As you can see, I have not met my two goals this past year.  Overall I think it's going pretty well considering my short experience and I am excited to see what the next year brings!

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