Friday, July 17, 2015

A conspiracy theory for GLGI and AB

Up front disclosure: While this post has some basis in fact, it is largely speculation

So here I am writing about GLGI again.  I told myself two posts was enough because I don't want to be the blogger who constantly writes about the same thing...but I just think about GLGI too much and what's more fun on a Friday afternoon than speculating about your stocks?  I have done a lot of sleuth work trying to figure out what is going on between GLGI and AB so at least this is an opportunity for me to organize it all in one place.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

IEHC FY15 10-K update

IEHC filed their 10-k yesterday so I thought I'd put out a little update.  In short it was great and they are continuing down their path.  The record high backlog disclosed in Sept 2014 has increased even higher and earnings is at an all time high as well.  The most interesting thing, to me, is that they have granted some stock options.

Some highlights:

  • Backlog at an all time high of $8.7M up 48% YOY
  • EPS at an all time high of $0.79 up 25% YOY
  • Trading at a P/E of 7.7
  • Concentration on military continues to shrink
And lowlights:
  • Despite record net income of $1.8M they actually ended the year with $12k less in the bank than last year
And items that could be interpreted good or bad:
  • Inventory raw material is up 79% YOY to an all time high