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This page will track the performance of stocks I write about, including only the stocks I do a full write up on.  Start date will be the day prior to my first write up.  End date will be the day I update this page or the day I sell out of a stock.  I'll try to update this page a couple times per year.

Take this all with a grain of salt because the stocks I write about have such low liquidity it may not be possible for anyone to ever buy them at the price they were before my write up.  For many of my stocks you will not be able to buy or sell at the last traded price.  For example SIMA jumped from $0.65 to $1.0 with the next trade after my blog post and has never looked back.  But then again you may be able to buy for a much better price than I as some stocks get cut in half very quickly.  Some stocks bounce up and down by 100% or more like QDLC, EKCS so picking the price on a single day does not tell the whole story.  The percentage gain numbers will get very strange for some stocks like IOMT.  But at least this gives you an idea of how my stocks generally perform.

As you can see this is a feast or famine way of investing.  On the whole I expect to do well but I don't know which stocks will take off or which will slowly die so I'll buy a bunch and see how it goes.  

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