Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ADDC on sale for less than cash

Here's another simple one. Let's say we have a dark company with $14 per share in cash, $4 in short term investments, about $10 in real estate, and a BV of $26.  They earn almost $1 per share and pay a 3% dividend.  Legit American company.  They send an annual report each year to shareholders and hold an annual meeting but otherwise report nothing. Don't even post the annual report to their website.  What would you say that's worth?  I'd go with $25 or $30, depending on how much you hate dark companies. 

Well the company is Addmaster Corporation (ADDC) and the latest price is $12.50. Super cheap.  You can stop reading now as you have the most important part of the story.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Looking for a sale of MRCR

Here is a simple one.  This post could probably be one line long: company selling for 35% of BV with a 77 year old CEO.  It's that simple.  So you can stop reading now if you'd like