Thursday, November 5, 2020

Avoiding the Crowd Podcast

A couple days ago I was a guest on the Avoiding the Crowd podcast with Maj Soueidan of GeoInvesting.   It was a ton of fun!  We talked about a lot of stocks I own and my process and the otc/dark space.  Great talking with someone who knows all these little stocks.  

Audio link here

Video link here



disclosure: long probably every stock I mentioned


  1. Maybe your brother and uncle doesn't care, but I find very interesting all your writte ups. When I find one in Spain I let you know.
    By the way, I also like phising.

  2. What do you do if a stock suddenly increases extremely strongly, e.g. some 100% in a very short time. But this without reason and news? The volume also explodes. (This just happened with the stock Lead Co from Japan). I want to sell about 50% of it now. I don't really know a good strategy in this regard. It seems that such stocks do not need a catalyst at all - just some crazy traders that trade it up to the sky.

    1. yes I usually sell a part of my position and wait to see what happens. You just never know. There is no way to be perfectly right, you just take what you can get.

      for example I may sell 20% of my position on a spike and then wait to see. Always depends on the situation. If the spike has moved the stock into overvalued territory then I'd be more eager to sell and if I think the stock is still too cheap then I may just hold