Blog Performance

This page will track the performance of stocks I write about, including only the stocks I do a full write up on.  Start date will be the day prior to my first write up.  End date will be the day I update this page or the day I sell out of a stock (white or blue cells, respectively, in the "Current or Sold Date" column).

Take this all with a grain of salt because the stocks I write about have such low liquidity it may not be possible for anyone to ever buy them at the price they were before my write up.  For many of my stocks you will not be able to buy or sell at the last traded price.  For example SIMA jumped from $0.65 to $1.0 with the next trade after my blog post and has never looked back.  But then again you may be able to buy for a much better price than I as some stocks get cut in half very quickly.  Some stocks bounce up and down by 100% or more like QDLC, EKCS so picking the price on a single day does not tell the whole story.  The percentage gain numbers will get very strange for some stocks like IOMT.  But at least this gives you an idea of how my stocks generally perform.

As you can see this is a feast or famine way of investing.  On the whole I expect to do well but I don't know which stocks will take off or which will slowly die so I'll buy a bunch and see how it goes.  


  1. How much money do you put into each name? How long does it take to build a position....

    Your returns are ridicilous

    1. Thanks. These are not my returns , these are the stock returns after I post about them. You can see my personal returns in my Portfolio Performance page.

      The reason I put up these Blog and Portfolio Performance pages is to give people a chance to evaluate if they think I know what I'm doing and how my stocks do

      This page is meant to show people how the stocks I write about perform over time. You can see some take off right away and some do not. Some fall down to nothing and some go up. As you can see the average is higher than the median which tells you a lot of the performance comes from finding those few huge winners. That is part of my strategy, every once in a while I'll stumble onto something that goes way, way up

      If you look at my Portfolio Performance posts you'll see my allocation between stocks. Normally I put a few percent of my portfolio into each stock.

      It can take a really long time to get a position. It took 9 months for me to get my first SIMA shares. MGTC I think took almost a year. Took months to get PCYN. I have had an open order for IOMT shares literally sitting there open for years and every once in a while I pick up some shares. I had my DAAT post finished and waiting to hit the publish button for months, because I owned zero shares. Eventually I got sick of waiting and bought higher than I wanted then published...