Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Financially Free Podcast

Last week I was interviewed on the Financially Free Podcast by Ney Torres which you can listen to here.

We mostly discussed my process and how I look at stocks.  Used some examples HYDI, TCCO, and others.


disclosure: long all the stocks I talked about except GLGI, TIKK.  Though I have been looking more seriously at GLGI recently

secondary disclosure: I'm sorry I haven't had more stock research posts recently.  It's due to a convergence of issues.  Coronavirus totally screwed up my stock life as I no longer have my work commute and lunch break to look at stocks.  Also I have a ton of cash with my big BMRA, HEMA sales earlier this year so I'm buying more stocks than I'm talking about.  And to keep my sanity during this whole quarantine time I've been working a lot more on my 1967 Pontiac Firebird restoration that's going on year 15 now.  One of these days it'll drive again...


  1. It is probably a good idea to keep a lot of cash.

    Some predictions make me worried. E.g. Jeremy Grantham from GMO wrote in his latest quarterly letter:
    "The current P/E on the U.S. market is in the top 10% of its history. The U.S. economy in contrast is in its worst 10%, perhaps even the worst 1%. In addition, everything is uncertain, perhaps to a unique degree. The market’s P/E level typically reflects current conditions. Markets have historically loved fat margins, low inflation, stability and, by inference, low levels of uncertainty. This is apparently one of the most impressive mismatches in history. That being said, this is a new type of crisis and much will be different. There are no certainties but there are probably still some better and safer themes. Caution and patience are likely to be two of them."

  2. Some researchers think that there is a January effect and that tiny stocks have a much stronger performance in January compared to other months. The reason could be related to taxes. Have you ever noted this with your investments?

    1. maybe somewhat. I do buy in Nov/Dec as people sell for tax losses