Tuesday, September 19, 2017

An Interview with NoNameStocks

Jan Svenda interviewed me for his OTC Newsletter a couple of weeks ago.  It was a ton of fun and Jan was great.  He has authored many articles on Seeking Alpha and we have crossed paths on a few stocks.  This is the first and only interview I've ever done.

Today he released a cut down version of the interview on Seeking Alpha and I just thought I'd throw up a link here in case you're interested.


  1. Nice interview Dan. Have you looked at GLGI lately? I'm still holding and still don't fully trust it, but things have been looking up for them. I'm Phaedrus from the ihub board.

    1. Phaedrus! Good to see hear from you again. You are now officially my longest running blog reader.

      I check back on the GLGI board every now and again. I haven't followed closely but saw that revenue has been going up and the stock with it. I don't own any shares. They still have all that debt. I just misjudged the whole AB situation with that one so badly.

    2. Yeah, the AB situation was a mess. However, the new leasing customer is probably better than AB. They're doing about $4.5-$5.0 million in sales/quarter with them....much higher than Miller ever was and probably as high as AB would have been.

      I screwed up on the capacity...I figured their then-current capacity could handle another big contract, so I didn't count on all the debt for the new machines. I figure I'll give them another year and see what happens.

      Kruger's other company, Trienda, purchased another plastic company (name escapes me) that does about $200 million in sales. All we need is a new SA article speculating on another merger and it'll be off to the races (kidding).

      In regard to your interview comment about all the people looking at AAPL (so it's hard to get an edge), thankfully groupthink is still alive and well. Just have to wait and buy until the group looks at everything pessimistically and sell when everyone is giddy. I think GLGI is a good example of that. It ran up to the 50s on the mere possibility of an AB contract and yet even after it announced a new AB-type contract, you could buy it in the 20s.

    3. Phaedrus77 Kevin if you are still out there could you send me an email? nonamestocksdan@gmail.com